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Appraiser: Maui Aina Appraisal Co Details

Company: Maui Aina Appraisal Co
Contact: John

Address: PO Box 1048
Puunene, Hawaii, 96784

Phone: 808-572-5575
Fax: 808-575-9607
Appraisers Website:

Appraisal Types: Residental

We service the entire county of Maui including, the island of Maui, Lanai and Molokai. Referrals available Statewide. Residential, FHA, ERC (Relocation), REO, Foreclosure/Pre-Foreclosure, Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage, PMI Removal, Estate/Probate, Appraisal Review, Expert Witness Testimony, Arbitration, Marketing, and Asset or Collateral Valuation

License: 0000134

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